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    We in agreement 100%. Your guy is such an outlier among the 2mm incarcerated he not really the target for rehabilitation release improvements, but there are some exciting things happening to reduce recidivism as more states are following the HOPE program model in Hawaii. Sounds like OP is in an area that values social services and pays decently (for social work).

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    Currency manipulation is when a country intentionally devalues their own currency to compete on a global scale to increase their own exports. They devalue their currency by selling off their own countries currency reserves and buying additional foreign currency. For example if Russia where to sell its rubles and exceedingly buy US dollars.

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    Some cells, however, may undergo a caspase independent form of cell death. Cathepsin can induce a death programme in cells. There is still some controversy about whether cathepsin mediated cell death is due to apoptosis or other forms of cell death..

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